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Influence Line Diagram

Influence Line ScreenshotThis is intended as a preliminary design tool to determine the maximum design effect; bending moment, shear force, deflection etc., on any single line linear span configuration due to any vehicle or moving load pattern. The user is required to input the coordinates for the relevant influence line diagram together with dimensions and loads to define the load pattern.

It was originally written in Microsoft QBasic and later translated into an executable using the Microsoft Basic Compiler. This program is safe to execute as can be confirmed by any reputable anti-virus program. A more cautious engineer may wish to run the program sandboxed using Sandboxie or similar freely available software.


Download a copy of the Influence Line Diagram User Manual


Download a copy of the Influence Line Diagram Application

R.C. Beam Design to ACI 318(M)-11

Influence Line ScreenshotThis Excel spreadsheet has been written to facilitate the detailed design of singly reinforced rectangular concrete beams, subject to co-existent or separate shear force and bending moments, with a single layer of reinforcement in accordance with the Structural Concrete Building Code ACI 318M-11. It may also be used, with engineering judgement, for the design of reinforced concrete beams with multiple layers of tensile reinforcement and reinforced concrete slabs.

The worksheet has been arranged such that it generally represents the logical flow of a manual calculation, with design references listed in the left margin, and will fill a single A4 sheet when printed at 100%.


Download a copy of the R.C. Beam Design User Manual


Download a copy of the R.C. Beam Design Spreadsheet