Mostly Civil - Web-site updates

History of major updates to this site

29 May 2016

C.V. updated

27 September 2014

C.V. updated

22 August 2014

Design spreadsheet for r.c. beams to ACI318-11 added to the software section.

01 June 2014

Preston cine society film to video conversion added to videography content.

16 May 2014

Videography content added.

08 May 2014

Diving video and software content added.

Minor update of the site navigation

April 2014

Diving video content added.

General update of the site navigation, adopting a template system for easier page update and revision.

March 2014

Site navigation revised and minor content revision. Acknowledgment to Andreas Blixt and his excellent tutorial on tabbed navigation using CSS; ref. http://blixt.org/articles/tabbed-navigation-using-css.

February 2014

Draft site launched